Y is for Yarrow – Tuesday 16th August 2022

Y is for Yarrow

In my alphabet of herbs, Y is for Yarrow. I’m growing the yarrow right near one of the compost bins for good reason. It speeds up the breakdown of the compost. Dad could write several pages on what he’s doing to help the compost along, but I’m proud to say that I’m doing my part to help it along by adding Yarrow. Nettles have much the same effect, but I don’t need to plant those. They are successfully growing in our garden entirely of their own accord and even without any water still seem to do well. The yarrow is doing pretty well too, but that needs my help.

I didn’t plant this from seed as Mum couldn’t find any yarrow seeds. Wilma bought two plants for me as a special treat when they all went to the National Herb Centre without me.

I’d wanted some for ages, so was very excited.

About those pears

I think Wilma was a little unfair telling tales on me about helping myself to the pears. What is a dog supposed to do. I like the rotten apples, but Mum has been round clearing those up. She’s worried that they will make me ill. Now, that’s a fair point, so I thought it would be far better to have something fresh off the tree. It was a sensible thing to do. Mum doesn’t like pears so I wasn’t doing any harm. To be fair, Dad does like pears but he’s not hear to argue at the moment.

Kelp powder

I’ve joined Shadow on the Kelp powder each day. You wouldn’t believe the state my coat has got into with this hot weather. It’s a mess. Mum has given me a good brush, but it’s still patchy. I said I preferred where I was shaved for my scan as that part of me was cooler, but Mum refused to shave the rest of my fur off. I’d do it myself, but that’s the sort of thing where the lack of thumbs is a real problem. You don’t want to be clumsy with a razor.

Anyway, a teaspoon of kelp each day works wonders for keeping the coat in good condition. I’ve been asking to have it for ages, but it’s been reserved for Shadow. Now, finally I’m on the bedtime kelp too. I just hope it works.



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