Real Rain – Wednesday 17th August 2022

Real Rain

Finally we got some real rain. It came with its very own fanfare of thunder and was illuminated by lightning. We can’t remember the last time it really rained very much. I wanted to go outside but Mum put her foot down and said not with the lightning. We had to make do with sitting at the window watching it. It started not long after Mum’s birthday present was delivered, which is the chair for her and me to sit in outside. She didn’t even get chance to finish setting it up for me to try, so that has to wait now until it stops raining.

Shadow back to the vet

Shadow is going back to the vet today. She’s finished her antibiotics but is still coughing. Mum was looking up if it was possible for a dog to have a tooth out under a local anaesthetic, but it turns out that it would be a very brave vet who tried it. I suspect they’d be all right with Shadow, but I can see why they wouldn’t want to try. Mum seems sure the teeth are the cause of her keep getting fluid on her lungs from the infections she gets, but the problem is how to solve the issue. Mum is going to ask the vet today if they can think of any longer term option for Shadow’s sake.


It’s very exciting, four puppies of our breed will be joining us in the UK in October. They are moving here from the Czech Republic and I can’t wait to make them all welcome. None of them will be living here, so don’t worry I’m not being replaced. They are coming to live with families who’ve been patiently waiting for one of our breed to join their families. It’s lovely news and always good to find our numbers increasing. That will take us up to around 136 in the UK.



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