Spoilsport – Thursday 18th August 2022


Mum can be such a spoilsport. Our Entlebucher Club has a photo competition each year. The winning entries go to make up a calendar to raise money for Club rescue. Now, it’s not what you think. It’s not us dogs entering the best photographs we have taken throughout the year. I know it sounds as though it should be as it is our club after all. This is a competition where our humans can enter their pictures of us. We have categories according to our age and then for best action shot, nature shot and comedy shot. I realise it’s hard to believe that any of us could look funny, but humans seem to think so sometimes.

The results

This is where Mum is being a spoilsport. She won’t actually tell us the results. Mum says that we can find out the same way that all the other dogs do when they receive the Club newsletter. She won’t even let us see the screen of her computer where she is now putting together the calendar from the winning entries. I have no idea if any of the three of us will appear this year. Some of the people in our Club are pretty good photographers. They outshine our feeble efforts. It was so much easier to win a place on the calendar when there were fewer dogs to compete with.

Shadow’s vet trip

Shadow came back from the vet a very happy dog yesterday. She had had a long chat with the vet about the things that are wrong with her and they put a plan together between them of the best way to manage them. She’s at a point in life where it is not about her getting over things, but learning to live with them and trying to make sure they don’t make her too ill.

She has some antibiotics ready in reserve so that when the infection goes back to her chest she can start taking them immediately without having to wait for the prescription to be dispensed. Hopefully that will mean that the infection is stopped from taking hold and she will get over it quicker. Sadly with her teeth as they are, she will get repeat infections regularly and there’s nothing else that can be done without a general anaesthetic, which is not an option.



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