Taking Liberties – Friday 19th August 2022

Taking liberties

Mum has been taking liberties. It isn’t as though I get very much post of my own and when something has arrived addressed to me, Mum accidentally opened it. For the record and despite her first thoughts, I have not been helping myself to her credit card. It’s something I’ve been asked to test and write about. I’ve asked Shadow if she’d like to help with this one and will tell you what it is soon.

I was asked to tell you about some do friendly beaches too. Sadly, although I was all set to do that this weekend, some of them have been affected by the recent sewage outflows so it doesn’t seem like the right time to encourage you to go there. I think I’ll save those until they’ve been cleaned up.


I’m getting very impatient to try Mum’s new chair in the garden. Since it’s been delivered the weather hasn’t been so good for sitting outside. First of all it rained, then whilst it didn’t rain yesterday it was very windy. That in itself is not a problem. However, the chair is under a tree so that it’s in the shade when it’s sunny. If we had sat in it yesterday we would have spent the whole time having leaves dropping on us, which Mum didn’t seem to think was what she had in mind.

I did wonder about trying it out without Mum, but however many times I ask, Mum will not put the cushions out just so I can sit in it without her. I thought that was a bit mean until Mum reminded me exactly whose birthday present it is. She may have a point.

My diet

I’m still sticking to my diet, at least as far as Mum is concerned. She doesn’t have chance to count the number of apples I’m adding. She’s promised to take me for a weigh in next week. If I haven’t lost oodles of weight I will be a very unhappy dog. Half rations is only worth it if you see results.



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