Dragging my paws – Tuesday 23rd August 2022

Dragging my paws

I was dragging my paws on our walk yesterday. “What’s wrong with pottering around the garden?” That’s what I asked. Mum said that now she was feeling a little better we really needed to increase both our exercise if I was ever to lose weight. “You don’t know that I haven’t lost weight,” was my reply to that one. Sadly, given we haven’t yet been for a weigh in, Mum pointed out that nor do I know that I have. As usual, I lost the argument and we went round the local walk at a rapid pace. It would have taken Mum a lot less time if I hadn’t insisted to stop for every sniff I could find. I tried to eat some fox poo too, but Mum had other ideas.

Missing Switzerland

Out walk is not nearly as nice as the one on my mountain in Switzerland. Dad went there at the weekend with my sister. Oh it’s hard not to be jealous when he’s telling me all about it. I find myself imagining the soft green grass and the lovely mountain air and feeling desperately sad that I can’t be there. I’m sure my sister would be pleased to have me along for company. It would give her someone to nag. Maybe our grass will go back to being soft and green at some point and then the difference won’t be quite so bad.

Tidying the garden

It needs to rain and we need to tidy the garden before my friends come round a week on Sunday. I can’t wait to have some of them here. I’m not really sure that either Ari or Shadow will cope very well, but they can always stay inside out of the way. Shadow’s granddaughter, Polly is coming, so I expect Shadow will want to meet her even if not the others. I can’t wait.