A Coat for Shadow – Wednesday 24th August 2022

A coat for Shadow

We were asked by the lovely people at www.hyperdrug.co.uk if we would consider trying a coat for Shadow. She was thrilled to have the opportunity as she doesn’t normally get involved in product testing, or anything else much these days. She thought it was an excellent idea. She’s been having quite a few problems with her own coat and she does tend to feel the cold more these days. We might be mountain dogs but our systems still don’t cope with the aging process.

Ancol Stormguard coat

First of all we had fun measuring her for her Stormguard coat. We, as a breed, are long in the body and Shadow was quite insistent that I measure her back length several times to make sure there wasn’t a bottom end sticking out to get cold. There is a guide to measurements, so it wasn’t difficult and we worked out she needed an XL even though she’s quite short in the leg.

First impressions

When it arrived we couldn’t wait to open it. We always know when things are for us as they have that wonderful ‘pet shop smell’ that gets us so excited. Shadow absolutely loves the colour. The outside is waterproof, which is good for the ‘normal’ English weather. The lining is the most wonderful soft fleece. It made me quite jealous. The coat is well designed with holes for your lead at the back if you wear a harness when walking. That bit zips up too, so there isn’t anywhere for the rain to get in if you aren’t using it.

Perfect fit

As you can see, I had done the measuring right and the coat is a completely perfect fit. Mum had one concern about the elastic that goes around the back legs. Mum was worried that with the muscle wastage that Shadow had she might find it uncomfortable, but Shadow said it was fine and she really appreciated how easy it was to put on and take off. She didn’t have to try lifting legs to put them through holes or anything like that. Once on, Shadow found it very easy to move about in and said she’d be happy wearing it out and about.

Overall we’d say definitely worth a try if you feel the cold and don’t like getting wet. Thank you www.hyperdrug.co.uk .

Ps there are some great things on their website, so you dogs out there might want to use looking at it as an opportunity to put together your lists for Santa Paws. You really can’t start early enough.




  1. My dear Wilma, this is a nice coat and it’s very comfortable for elderly dogs like Shadow and me. My mum bought a winter coat for me last year and I like it very much. It even has reflecting stripes. This is important when we walk on streets where cars drive by. I’ll send you a picture! Love, mama Susi

    • Thank you, Mama. Shadow doesn’t go out much now. She can’t manage to go far.
      Your ever loving daughter

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