Lovely sunny Sunday – Monday 29th August 2022

Lovely sunny Sunday

Yesterday was a lovely sunny Sunday. We all went back to bed first thing after our breakfast , while Mum ate hers. Then headed out to sit in the orchard together. Mum was still in her pyjamas, but as our immediate neighbours are sheep, that’s not so much of a problem. At least it’s not whilst there are leaves on the trees.

Mum was sitting on the bench, the one we finally fixed in place recently, and we were grazing for apples as usual. Anyway, it was when I went up to sit with her for a while and watch the world go by that I finally noticed it. Our very own tree stump!

Home stumpie

Given how much I enjoy doing stumpie photos, how have I never looked at the tree stump by the compost bins as an opportunity? I know it’s rotting in places, but so are most stumps. There are lots of insects living in the holes, so I had to be careful what, or more to the point who, I was sitting on. We now have our first home grown stumpies. Ari and Shadow were disappointed not to have a turn, but it’s my thing so they can just butt out.

Quiet day

Today we are all planning a very quiet day. It’s actually Mum’s birthday, but with Dad in Switzerland and Mum not really being well, we’re spending it quietly at home. Mum has said she’d like to have time in the garden and wants to get the mower out to tidy the grass up. Most of it doesn’t need cutting and some of it still looks dead, but she’s doing her best to have it looking nice for our Breeding Test next Sunday. I’ve said I’ll help by eating some more of the apples. The sacrifices I’m prepared to make!

Shadow resting




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