Dragging my paws – Thursday 1st September 2022

Dragging my paws

I’ve been dragging my paws about the possibility of being weighed. Now I’m running out of excuses. It’s time for my annual vaccinations, which means I need to set paw inside the vet surgery whether I like it or not – and frankly I don’t. I hate vaccinations never mind the possibility of being weighed. It normally takes several people to hold me down to give me my kennel cough vaccine up my nose. Mum is also booking me in for an up to date heart scan. Why now? At least Aristotle had his underneath shaved at the start of the summer and not when the weather was turning colder. I might need this fur if it’s cold. Anyway, whichever way I look at it we’re going to find out soon whether I have lost any weight.


I wish it was me going swimming today instead of Aristotle. The exercise would help with the weight loss and Ari doesn’t need to lose any. Mum says that’s not why he’s going. He needs to build up the muscles in his back legs. It’s not fair, Mum says even though swimming is such good exercise, she won’t be taking me. Mind you, Mum has been forgetting to fill the car up with fuel, so Ari might find his exercise is pushing the car rather than swimming. I don’t mind missing out on that.

The end of summer

Looking at the weather forecast, today is going to be the last sunny day for a while. Mum says I shouldn’t worry and it could well change. I said we should all spend the whole day outside just to be on the safe side and make the most of it. Even though she agreed I had a good point, I don’t think she’s planning to do that. She says she will do the last mowing that’s needed before Sunday, but that’s actually bad news from my point of view as it means she will be raking up all the fallen apples again.



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