Hydrotherapy – Friday 2nd September 2022


Ari had a lovely time going to hydrotherapy yesterday. He says quite apart from helping his muscles, his coat is now feeling really soft and lovely. Mum had tried to make sure she’d got rid of any more fur he was losing before he went, so that he didn’t leave it behind in the pool. He was very happy about the larger crate in the boot of the car. He said it gave him plenty of space to get comfortable. He’s asked Mum if he can always go in that one, but she’s said if we’re all travelling he will still need to use the other one. We don’t all travel very often, so it won’t be a big problem.

Exciting delivery

In the old ‘better late than never’ stakes, Aristotle is very excited about a delivery which should be coming today. Mum helped him order some water butts in May and for reasons we don’t understand they didn’t arrive. He asked Mum to ring and complain. Eventually she found a lovely lady to help sort it out and he has been assured they will be delivered today. Then all he needs to do is get Mum to help him set them up in time for the rain. Of course, I suspect by now the main time of being hot and dry is over, but at least he’ll have them in place for next year. Mind you, if it’s dry for as long as this year he will need a lot more than two water butts to keep his vegetables going. He’s lucky we don’t have a hose pipe ban.

Shadow back on antibiotics

Shadow is back on antibiotics. It’s hard for her. This is just going to keep happening now. Mum had a suspicion she was coughing more again, but then she said her teeth were hurting and she didn’t want to eat. She’s a bit down, but otherwise all right.



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