Wonderful Day – Monday 5th September 2022

Me very comfortable with Mum

Wonderful Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day. It didn’t rain when we needed it to be dry, which was helpful. The three dogs taking their tests did really well and they all passed, which is great news for our breed. What was best from my point of view was seeing some of my friends and family when it was all over. Salvo, Izzy and I had a great time having a run around. I was telling them which were the best apples for eating. Sadly most of them had been cleared up so we couldn’t really indulge ourselves. It was fun seeing humans I’m fond of and hadn’t seen in a while. I was really disappointed that the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy who was here had gone before I was allowed out to play. Mum said she was lovely and had an independent streak, which reminded her of me.

Shadow said hello

Once things had really quietened down, Shadow came out to say hello to one or two people. She was delighted as now that she doesn’t travel she misses out on seeing people even more than I do. It’s great, Izzy and Salvo are so gentle that Shadow felt quite confident around them too. It’s hard now she’s deaf and so unstable on her paws. Ari was fed up that he didn’t have chance to come out, but he can get so over-excited and that’s not good around Shadow – or people come to that.

By the time we’d helped Mum put everything away at the end of the day we were all tired. It’s a good job we don’t do things like that every day. Twice a year will be quite enough for all of us.

Quiet Day

Mum says we can all have a quiet recovery day today. She wants to cut some out of the willow plants and there are a couple of dead trees to take out. They’re only little trees so it should be easy.