We all feel loss – Saturday 10th September 2022

We all feel loss

We all feel loss. Today my thoughts are with the Corgis and other animals to whom the Queen was simply their beloved human. For them this is not the passing of a monarch and head of state. This is the loss of the human to whom they were so clearly devoted. We dogs feel loss, just as you humans do. In some ways it can be harder as we don’t always understand what is happening. We may be left simply hoping our human is coming back and wondering where they’ve gone. I hope they were with Her Majesty to the end and that they they were giving her comfort and sharing their love until her dying breath.

Jack Russells

Our new King has two Jack Russell terriers. I’m very happy he’s a dog person. That makes him all right in my book, but Alfie wouldn’t have been happy about the choice. Alfie always held a grudge after being attacked by a Jack Russell when he was a puppy. He had a very long memory. I, thankfully, have had no such bad experiences, so am rather more open-minded on the matter. They don’t have the same appeal as a Corgi, but I’m sure they will carry out their duties to the best of their ability. We send them our sincere best barks and woofs and hope they will support the King in a fitting manner. Being terriers the King may have difficulty finding where they have taken his socks. However, I’m sure he’ll have the odd courtier to help retrieve them.

Garden Party

I wonder if I should suggest that they host the odd garden party for us dogs. Then we could go to the palace and have a good romp around the grounds. I’m not necessarily expecting I would be invited, but there are many worthy dogs who serve this country well and should be afforded that honour. It could be like the ones for humans. They could reflect those who have served the nation or their community in some way. Just a thought.



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