Herbs with Aristotle – Wednesday 14th September 2022

Herbs with Aristotle

Today I’m bringing you more Herbs with Aristotle, that’s me of course. It’s taken me ages to get Wilma to give me another opportunity to write to you, now here I am. Today I want to tell you about another three of my herbs, mint, thyme and tarragon.


Mum loves mint, but mainly in sweets. You might like it with your meat at a meal, but Mum’s sweet tooth wins the day in this house. Sucking on mints is very good for relieving trapped wind. On that basis I’m not giving it to Shadow as she puts out more wind than any of us can deal with as it is. To be honest, it’s good for all indigestion and makes your breath smell nice, so what’s not to like. No one’s going to call me ‘dog breath’ around here.

Wilma in front of the mint as part of Herbs with Aristotle
Wilma in front of the mint

I’m growing two types of mint, but I think I might plant some more next year.


I’ve only got one lot of tarragon and to be frank it’s not doing all that well. I blame the triffid like borage, but let’s not go back into that one. Tarragon is also good for indigestion. This is one of the reason that herbs have been traditionally added to cooking – they actually help your eating process. I’ve just told Mum that tarragon can help with sleep and she’s now going outside to find some to eat.


Oh I had such high hopes of the thyme I was growing. Oddly I think I killed most of it by over-watering. Apart from making food taste nice, thyme has anti-bacterial properties. I need to plant some more or ask Mum to buy me a plant or two for my birthday next week.

Not all herbs keep growing through the winter. If you gut the ones you want to keep now, you can chop them up and freeze them in ice cubes ready to use in your cooking until you can grow some more next year.

Well that’s it from me. I’m off outside to chew on some herbs so that Mum can’t smell the apples I’ve been eating.