Ari was spoilt – Tuesday 20th September 2022

Ari was spoilt

Yesterday for his birthday Ari was spoilt. I was not! Diet’s should be suspended for birthdays, even if it isn’t your own birthday. Sadly, Mum didn’t see it the same way. Ari had a little ham with his breakfast and a little more later in the day. All I could do was watch. I spent some time outside with him eating apples, but that wasn’t the point as I can do that any day. We didn’t have steak, so at least being positive I wasn’t left out of that. Mind you, even Ari complained when he heard one of his sisters was eating ice cream and he hadn’t been given one.


The highlight of the day for me was something completely different. A large grey fluffy cat decided to sit under one of the trees in our garden. Mum thought I hadn’t spotted it and ushered me inside. I of course was just playing the game and as soon as Mum thought I was safe I nipped back outside to chase it. She had been very surprised by the audacity of the cat to sit in the garden and said she was expecting me to come back with a bloody nose. I’m not that stupid – actually, I probably am but I didn’t get close enough to it for that.

Queen’s Funeral

We dogs didn’t watch the Queen’s funeral, although I spared a thought for the Corgis. What we did notice was just how quiet it was outside when there is no distant traffic noise anywhere. All we could hear were the birds singing and it was really rather nice to be outside when it was like that. Humans do make an awful lot of noise. Mum did say we were not to bark at all during the funeral as she didn’t want any neighbours upset by us. It was hard, but we managed.



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