Important Visit – Friday 23rd September 2022

Important visit

Today we are going on an important visit. We are going to see a local boarding kennel to see what we think. Mum has explained this is for short or emergency stays rather than anything longer. She is very happy to take us up to Yorkshire to the wonderful kennels we know and love when that’s possible, but there can be odd days that is not practical for. We’re all going. I don’t think it’s about us seeing what we think of them so much as them looking at all of us. Oh this could go so badly wrong if Ari is not in a good mood with his mother. If he and Shadow start bickering I can see now what’s going to happen. Personally, I want it to go well as occasionally spending a day with other dogs is something I enjoy.

Fuss and cuddles

It is good having Dad around for fuss and cuddles. He isn’t home for very long, but Mum has said he will soon be back for a lot more time, which is very exciting. We’re having to be a little bit gentle with him at the moment as he’s got a bad back. On the bright side that is delaying him working on picking up the apples.

Mind you, Ari’s legs are doing better even after a few swimming sessions so he’s happy to pick apples from the lower branches whenever I want them. He says it feels good to be back on two legs again. Mum is a little less convinced. Oh, she’s pleased his legs are doing so well, but it means he can cause more mischief again.

A Disappointment

I was hoping to go to a special dog show tomorrow, with all four related Swiss breeds. I’ve been going on and on to Mum about going and she had sorted out so Dad could look after the others. Sadly, she’s told me that she isn’t well enough to take me so we’re going to miss out after all. I hope everyone who goes has loads of fun and we’re thinking of you.



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