Bad Books – Saturday 24th September 2022

Bad books

I’m in Mum’s bad books. Yesterday’s kennel visit did not go entirely to plan. Not to her plan anyway. You know how I absolutely hate standing around with nothing to do. I’ve been like it all my life. It used to get me into trouble in training classes but it got me into trouble again yesterday. They don’t take dogs who bark all the time. Mum can understand that completely and tried hard to explain that I really don’t bark all the time, only when I’m in a situation like that which is artificial and where I’m standing around bored.

Our old kennels

On the way home we all asked if we can just keep going to our old kennels. We love it there and they know us. It really is a very hard act to follow as it was just so good. Mum says of course we can for any longer stays, but she really does need somewhere we can go for odd days and very short stays. It’s a long way to drive to North Yorkshire for those. I can see her point, but I’m hoping she will see our point of view too. Working dogs don’t have the same mindset as toy dogs or even terriers. We like being somewhere that we’re understood.

The afternoon

Things got better when we got home as the weather was lovely and we all spent the afternoon in the garden sorting out the apples. We each played a part. Mum was clearing them up. Dad was taking rotten ones off the trees. Ari and I were eating them. Shadow was just watching, but she does a lot of that these days and she had found the earlier trip quite stressful. The weather is not so good today, but hopefully we can still spend it outdoors.



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