An October Challenge – Monday 26th September 2022

An October Challenge

Mum has sat down with me to ask I’ve I’d like to take on an October Challenge with her. You know me, I said yes before I even thought to ask what it was. For a horrible moment, I thought it might be connected with dieting and that I’d made a dreadful mistake. Thankfully it wasn’t, at least not directly. Mum is fed up with being ill and being stuck at home so much. Of course, the problems she’s had with tearing the meniscus in her knee hasn’t helped, but that is much better than it was. Now she has said that we need to start going out every day. She has set the challenge, on top of our exercise being out in the garden, of walking at least fifty miles in October. She started by saying a hundred, but then realised that was probably too big a starting point.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

We looked at the map together for ideas of places we could go to walk to have some variety. There are several places which are part of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, so Mum signed up for membership for us. The nearest one dogs aren’t allowed, but there are several others we can try. I’ll report on each of them when we go. We will break those up with the local walks from the house. Mum says walk time is going to be 2pm each day, we can move it to a different time if that isn’t free but we can’t cancel it. I think I’m going to like this challenge.

Yesterday’s gardening

Mum and Ari tidied up the herb beds yesterday and put some of the squash in the greenhouse to help it ripen. They got very excited about the pots on the patio as it turns out that one of the lemons is starting to change colour from green to yellow and there are olives which look as though they will be worth picking. Dad is surprised about the success with the lemons as he was very doubtful when Mum bought them. I won’t be helping myself to those off the trees.



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