Competitions – Tuesday 4th October 2022


It seems everyone is running competitions wanting your pictures right now, the dogs amongst you that is. Time4Sleep are running a competition wanting your funniest sleeping position photos. To be more precise it needs to be your funniest position on your human’s bed. If you haven’t yet convinced them that you should be allowed to sleep there then now might be the time to start. They could win a bed worth up to £400. Do make sure your humans look at the section of their website with luxury dog beds as they’re pretty cool. You have until 17th October to enter that one, so start practicing your sleeping positions now.

BBC Countryfile Dog of the year Competitions

We might have a go at entering the BBC Countryfile Dog of the Year competition. They want photos of us enjoying ourselves in the great outdoors. They have some information on the sorts of things that make good photos too – make it high resolution and try to show your dog’s character. You have until October 25th for this one and the prize is a £500 voucher to spend on a holiday cottage. I’m definitely up for that. There are different categories according to your size with category winners too. Good luck.

Back to the racecourse

Yesterday’s walk was back at the racecourse and we both really enjoyed it. It’s good for us both to get more used to being around other people and dogs again. We are still keeping up with our challenge, but it’s early days.


Poor Aristotle on the other paw was back at the vet again. He saw a lovely lady vet who thinks he has something called Horner Syndrome. It’s where something affects the nerves around the eye. It can have many causes and sometimes you never actually find what has caused it at all. If it gets worse he needs to go back this week again, but otherwise he needs to have a check up again at the start of next week. He might need to have a CT scan if it doesn’t clear up on its own. Mum says he’s still being a model patient at the vet and I should learn from his example.

It’s hard for him as his eye is uncomfortable and it’s making him more grouchy than usual – don’t tell him I said that.



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