Along the Avon – Wednesday 5th October 2022

Along the Avon

Oh I had such a lovely walk along the Avon yesterday. We started from Fisherman’s car park, which Mum was surprised to find was free as well as being easy to find a space in. Then we walked along the footpath by the river into Stratford. We saw a few fishermen and a few dogs but it was really very quiet. Then we walked over the road bridge and went to the recreation ground the other side. Mum said she was really proud of me as I coped with the traffic and walked along really nicely. I didn’t try to chase the geese or the swans either. I might have tried to eat the goose poo, but who wouldn’t?

We walked back over a different bridge that was quieter and then I crossed the road without panicking about the traffic. At this rate I will be back to coping with going anywhere and everywhere long before Mum is. She’s doing quite well, but she has a nasty habit of holding her breath when going past people, which can take quite a time in a town!

Our total so far

Yesterday’s walk was 2.43 miles, so that brings us up to just over eight miles in four days. We just need to keep going at that rate now. I’ve said I’m happy to throw in one or two longer walks if we can, but with both Shadow and Ari needing so much care at the moment, Mum said the longer walks may need to wait. Today is going to be one of the local walks I think, but I don’t know which one yet.

I’m feeling a little fitter and can jump higher to pull the apples of the trees, which has to be a good thing.

Ari’s eye

There is no change yet in Aristotle’s eye. On the bright side it avoids the need for fitting in an urgent vet visit, however we are not at the point where it really does look as though there is no hope of the antibiotic eye cream helping. He’s fed up that on top of everything else he can’t go swimming until we have more idea what it is. He said he felt it was really starting to do him good.



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