Garden walk – Thursday 6th October 2022

Garden Walk

Yesterday was a garden walk. Oh how I dragged my paws. What is the point of being made to walk past piles of apples, not once, but many times? It had all started earlier in the day. Mum came out at lunchtime and said she’d cut the grass so we could all get plenty of fresh air. She misjudged just how fresh it was. It wasn’t so much the wind, although there was an awful lot of that. It was the rain. Out of nowhere the clouds burst and deposited rather more water on us than we were expecting. Mum was at the furthest point of the garden with the mower and didn’t really think she should just leave it outside. Running with a lawnmower is easier said than done.

Drying off

We of course, could have gone straight indoors. The backdoor was open – another problem as it turned out as the rain was going straight in. Anyway, why would we go indoors when we could stay outside and laugh at Mum trying to put everything away quickly? By the time we did go inside we were all dripping wet. Not that you’d notice in the utility as that was also dripping wet. Mum’s clothes were soaking wet all the way through. To give her her due, after she’d got the rain out of her eyes, she did dry each of us off before doing anything about herself. Shadow had first priority, then Aristotle and finally me. I didn’t mind too much as at least I had a dry towel.

Back to the walk

The reason we ended up having a garden walk was because Mum couldn’t be bothered to find a dry pair of jeans and just put on the first clothes that came to hand. Then she decided she didn’t want to go out in public like that, so the garden it was. On the bright side, the sunflower is doing surprisingly well.



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