Thwarted – Friday 7th October 2022

Me very comfortable with Mum


Yesterday we were thwarted. I asked to go to the racecourse for my walk. Mum said that was fine, but she had to go for an MRI scan on her knees first. We agreed that I’d be ready to go as soon as she came in. She stopped long enough to give Shadow and Ari their medication and off we went. Sadly, there was a race event on and we couldn’t walk there. I was so disappointed. Mum by that stage had had enough and really just wanted to go home and sit down. I reminded her that wouldn’t get our challenge done. I didn’t say anything else. Thankfully she took the point and when we got home, rather than going in we went straight out on a local walk. It was only 1.4 miles, but we are still just on target.


I can’t go to the racecourse today as the weather forecast is bad. Mum said she’d quite like to go to the races, but she wouldn’t be able to take me. The next meeting is at the start of November, so if she goes out and leaves me at home I shall know why. On the bright side, if it’s fine she’s asked if I’d like to go to Charlecote Park on Saturday and walk around the grounds there. I’m definitely keen on that idea. She’s already printed off the map so we can work out our route.

The best apples

The good news on the apple front is that they have grown. It isn’t particularly that I needed the apples to be bigger, but it does mean the branches are weighed down and easier to reach. Ari and I have totally given up on eating the fallen apples and are having our pick of the crop. It will be ok until Dad comes home next time and harvests them all. We’ll have to resort to whatever we can find after that. We have three weeks in which to enjoy them first, which is fine by me.



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