Not our day – Saturday 8th October 2022

Not our day

Yesterday was not our day. I did not get a walk. Actually, to be fair to Mum that was the least of the things that went wrong. It started with having to go for a meeting in the afternoon. The heavens opened just before she set off and by the time she’d driven a mile she received a message on her phone to say the power had gone off at home. Her first thought is always us and more precisely our reaction if the house alarm was triggered. Her second thought was just how wet she was going to get parking the car and getting to her meeting. She was definitely right on the second point, especially as she trod in two puddles and was walking in water by the time she dripped into the office she had to go to.

Downhill from there

At least her meeting was quick and went to plan. On the way home she was faced with a road rage incident that scared her enough to consider reporting it to the police. The supposed provocation for the man in the other car? It was a single carriageway road and Mum drove onto the grass verge to allow him to go past. In his opinion, despite him having driven straight past a stopping place, Mum should have reversed back along the road and not driven onto the verge. He was out of his car at Mum’s window threatening her, which did not leave her very happy. Wet and miserable she came home to check we were all right.

The oven

That’s when she found that although the power was back on, there was a very alarming noise coming from the electric circuit for the oven. She turned it off at the mains and turned it back on. It was still making a noise that had her telling us all not to go anywhere near or touch anything. She turned it off and sent a message to the lovely electrician who did work for us before.

On the bright side the hob for the cooker still works. Mum had not been able to cook lunch as normal as she’d had a meeting then too. She worked out what she could cook using only the hob and set to work, with our help of course. Unfortunately, half way through we lost the power again. By that time she was thoroughly fed up. Power cuts aren’t so bad if you can plan for them, but maybe this is a taste of what’s to come. It’s a good job we’ve got candles and torches.

Today unless it is as bad as yesterday, Mum and I are going for a long walk and forgetting about everything else.




  1. Oh what a day!

    Mum should definitely report this person. Getting out of a car and threatening a person, especially a lone woman, is just not acceptable, and by the sound of it, certainly not necessary.

    Do you have a dashcam? Or any evidence of him or his car?

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