What a lovely walk – Tuesday 11th October 2022

What a lovely walk

What a lovely walk we had yesterday. Of course, it helped that the sun was shining, on top of that we went to the racecourse which I really like. However, we didn’t just do a circuit of the course as we have done until now. This time Mum asked if I’d like to do a little exploring. On one side of the inner track area there is a golf course and on the other side there is a big field. Between the two there are some footpaths and a small copse.

We walked a figure of eight, going around the edge in one direction, then across the middle along one path. Then we did the edge at the other end to come back on ourselves and then across the middle again following a different path. It was brilliant. I met lots of dogs and people and was impeccably behaved as well as walking another 2.66 miles. That means my total for the month so far is 18.33 miles.

Then there’s the cat

Where I’m not quite so good is next door’s cat. If it sat in its own garden and just meowed at me then, whilst I’d call back, I’d cope all right. However, It likes to sit in our garden and doesn’t move when I go up to it. We had a bit of a stand off yesterday with me simply barking loudly and the cat arching its back but staying put. I didn’t even pay attention when mum rattled the biscuit box and that is unheard of. Mum said we need to have a discussion about my behaviour, but it’s the cat that’s out of order and I don’t see her having a discussion with the cat. Mum says it’s always hard to persuade a cat to do what you want and I should know better. Why? It’s my garden. I should be able to do as I please.



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