In reverse – Friday 21st October 2022

In reverse

We walked around the racecourse in reverse yesterday. I don’t mean we walked backwards. I don’t think I could do 1.8 miles backwards if I tried. Mum surprised me when we got there by turning right and going anti-clockwise instead of going our normal way. It felt strange to begin with, but I stopped thinking about it being the wrong way and started to think of it as somewhere different. She said it was not good for me to become a creature of habit. She’s probably right. There was more to it than that though. It had been raining very heavily and the sky looked threatening in that direction, so she was trying to avoid being caught in a shower by ending up there at the wrong time. It stayed dry.

Dodging the showers

We had quite a lot of time in the garden dodging the showers too. It’s green bin day today and Mum realised that our garden bins weren’t full. We have so much garden waste that it’s a shame not to use every opportunity to get rid of what there isn’t room for on the compost heaps. It took her ages cutting up all the woody bits that don’t break down as easily and filling the bin with them. We were happy as it gave us lots of apple eating time. That was until Mum also started to clear away the rotten apples that needed to be got rid of too.

Duvet Day

Ari asked if we could all have a duvet day together today. Mum said if the weather is bad on Sunday that we could look to have one then. Today she says that even though it’s likely to be raining we’ll try to go to the woods. She’s going to see if there is a time of day when the rain will stop, but otherwise she says we’ll just put on our waterproofs. More to the point, she will put on waterproofs and I will roll in the mud.



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