Late Walk – Tuesday 25th October 2022

Late Walk

I had a late walk yesterday. I don’t mean I went out at midnight. I was sound asleep like a good girl by then. Mum always likes to take me out in daylight. I don’t mind the dark, but she’s not so keen. It was just a good job the clocks don’t go back until next Sunday because the man coming to service the boiler was rather later than we expected. She says with hindsight we should have gone in the morning if she had realised. That’s the great thing with life, it’s so much easier to see what you should have done after the event.
I didn’t mind too much as we still had time to go for a quick pad around the racecourse.

Lots to look forward to

It’s one of those weeks where I’ve got lots to look forward to. Dad will be home in only another couple of days, which is definitely the highlight. In a pretty close second place comes the walk I’m going on this Saturday. We’re going to the Lickey Hills and I’m meeting up with some of my Entlebucher friends. Those really are some of the best of times. I can’t wait. The great thing is that Dad will be here for it too, which makes it extra good.

Shadow in a bad mood

Shadow was in a bad mood yesterday as Mum made her wear her pants. Her medication seems to have been working quite well to stop her incontinence, but yesterday neither she nor Mum could remember if she hadn’t taken it in the morning or if it just hadn’t worked. They are both really hoping it was that they forgot. Mum has offered to put a little chart up on the wall so that Shadow can tick off each box when she’s taken it. Shadow got into a bit of a strop and said she might be deaf but there was nothing wrong with her memory. She thinks it was Mum’s fault. I’m not getting involved.



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