A bit of a storm – Wednesday 2nd November 2022

A bit of a storm

Thanks to their being a bit of a storm at an inopportune time yesterday, I did not go to Coombe Abbey as I hoped. When the weather cleared a little, Dad said let’s do a quick circuit of the racecourse. We piled into the car and were nearly there when he remembered saying only the day before that it was going to be a race day so we needed to remember not to come there. We drove straight past instead and went to collect Shadow’s medication from the vet.

Mum drove the back way home, saying we might go to Hatton Locks, but the weather that way looked so threatening that she decided not to stop. So we drove home.

Local route

Then Dad said his phone was suggesting 40 minutes before the next belt of rain. The local route takes just over 40 minutes so he said we could walk that quickly. His idea of quickly and ours were a little different. Mum’s legs were going round like a windmill trying to keep up and I was having to run. Mum made him slow down eventually and we did manage to get home before the rain came down again. At least I’ve banked a couple of miles towards my November total.

Help with gardening

Earlier in the day, when there was a gap in the rain, Ari begged for some help with weeding the vegetable garden. Mum gave in and helped him for a while and it turned out that the weeds weren’t as deep as Mum had feared they would be, so they made quite good progress. He wants Mum to help him dig in some of the compost ready for next year’s growing. He says he’s got plans and wants to grow more than he did this year.