Christmas is coming – Sunday 6th November 2022

Christmas is coming

It seems that Christmas is coming to our house rather sooner than I expected. Mum and Dad went to the garden centre yesterday and came back with some more Christmas decorations. Dad seems all in favour of going totally over the top with decorating the house and was suggesting we could start now. Mum (who is usually the one wanting to do things like that) told him it was much too early. Of course, if she had any sense Mum would agree to Dad putting them up now, otherwise she’s going to have to do it all while he is back in Switzerland for a few weeks.

Important day

Today is of course an important day as it marks Shadow’s 13 ¾ birthday. She is planning to spend it mostly tripping Mum up and getting under Dad’s feet, sleeping wherever anyone is trying to walk and pooing in the house. It’s not really her fault, she’s just oblivious to everything going on around her now. But she’s happy in her own world and that’s the important thing.


Mum is still very sleepy, either from the tablets or the shingles. I think it means another fairly quiet day. She has said if it’s dry later then she will try to come out for a walk with me and Dad. There are so many places I wanted to take Dad this holiday but I think Mum will need it to be quite a gentle walk. At least once Dad is back for good we won’t have to try to fit everything into a short time.  On the bright side, he hasn’t had time to sort out the apples and I can’t see Mum doing it very soon, so I think that one is going to be a win for the dogs.



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