Foiled again – Tuesday 8th November 2022

Foiled again

I’ve been foiled again in my bid to take both Mum and Dad for a long walk. Yesterday mainly it rained. Mum says this is why she hates November in England so much. Mind you, she won’t be saying that when she needs to water the garden next summer and is saved from a hosepipe ban because of all this rain. From now until Dad goes back to Switzerland either Mum is available or Dad is available or it’s completely dark. On that basis I’m just going to have to reset my expectations and be a patient dog. Like that’s ever going to happen!

On the bright side, we really are on a countdown now to Dad being home almost all the time. We’re so excited thinking about that. It’s only three months away, which I guess will feel a lot longer to Shadow than to me. Mind you, Dad will be home for quite a bit of that time, so it’s not so bad.

Getting better

The good news is that Mum seems to be getting better and said that she doesn’t feel as tired as she has done. That means when the rain stops she’s definitely happy to restart our adventures, although she has said that might not be today as yet again it’s going to rain for the whole time she’s actually free. She says we can go out in the rain when she really has got over her shingles, but not before.

Hedgehog house

One of Mum’s presents last Christmas was a hedgehog house. It has been on our dining table for… well since then really. Mum has been intending to find the right home for it and has been spurred into action by the thought the hedgehogs are probably ready to use it. It has now moved as far as the hall, where it is inside the front door, so only any use if we let the hedgehogs in first. Given that Mum has walked into it once already and hurt her ankle I suspect it will make it outside shortly.



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