Race against time – Thursday 10th November 2022

Race against time

I’m not so sure that this is so much a race against time as a race against Mum. Although she’s feeling well enough for a little fresh air, she’s not feeling well enough for us to start going for long walks. What that means is that at intervals through the day she is coming outside to do fifteen minutes gardening. Now, you might think the race against time is her trying to get a lot done in fifteen minutes and in a way it is. She has prioritised the jobs that need doing in the garden and concluded that she really needs to cut the grass in the orchard. She can’t do that whilst the grass is covered in apples…

Munching away

You are probably starting to get the picture. There’s Mum with the rake getting the apples together and scooping them up to go for composting. There are me and Ari running too and fro rescuing as many as we can from the pile. No matter that they are all fairly rotten, they still taste good to us. Hey, don’t judge, I eat fox poo.

There are still some to come down off the trees, so all is not lost. I’ve also worked out that on balance it is in our interest if it rains as that will slow Mum’s progress. Mum says it’s going to be mostly dry until Sunday, so it’s not going to plan – for us anyway.

Ari’s eye

Some of you have been asking me how Ari’s eye is doing. The answer is we don’t know. At times it looks as though there may be slight improvement and then five minutes later it looks just as bad as it did. Mum says she thinks his hearing has improved slightly, so we’re all crossing our paws that it might be positive signs. He’s due back at the vet in a week or so, which will hopefully give us all a better picture.



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