Working up an appetite – Friday 11th November 2022

Working up an appetite

I don’t know about you but time spent outside in the cold leaves me working up an appetite. It’s all very well Mum going out gardening at this time of year, but does she increase my food ration when I’m there helping? She does not. Ok, she says if I’d stop eating apples then she might reconsider, but it’s one of those chicken and egg situations. She says stop eating the apples. I say increase my food and I could stop eating so many apples. (The important word there is ‘could’, I’m not promising – but maybe she’s realised that.)

Squally weather

Just because the weather app on Mum’s phone said it was going to be dry yesterday she thought it was a good day to get some more of the grass cut and apples cleared. Humans are weird. Which is more reliable – an app on the phone, or the fact that there was blowy wet stuff coming out of the sky? This faith in technology can be misguided. Shadow downed tools and came inside and I must admit it even crossed my mind, but Mum carried on as though nothing untoward was happening. Then she wonders why she’s ill!

Waving goodbye

We’re waving goodbye to Dad again today. He’s promised that this will be the last time he has to go for very long. Shadow is distraught. She hates him not being around. With her being completely deaf now she can’t even talk to him on the phone when he’s away. I think both she and Dad are a bit emotional at having to be parted again. At her age even the thought of four weeks can seem like quite a long time. Mum has promised to take care of her, but it’s still not the same as having Dad here.