Me time – Monday 14th November 2022

Me time

At last I’m back to getting ‘me time’ with Mum. She’s feeling better from the shingles and we’re back on track with our walking. I don’t suppose we will catch up with our November target, but we will do our best. To be fair, we’ve done a lot of walking over the weekend with all the gardening. Mum’s tracker says she walked a total of 25 miles over the course of the two days. It just shows you what good exercise she gets using the lawnmower. She says it’s one of the reasons she hasn’t given in and used the sit on mower – that and the fact she kept hitting her head on tree branches.

Good news

I’m going to say this quietly, but we think Aristotle’s eye might be improving. It’s not back to normal yet, but he says he doesn’t feel so bad as he did and it doesn’t look quite as bad. At this rate he says he won’t need to go back to the vet next week, which is great news. He’s much better company now he’s not in pain, not nearly so grouchy and miserable. It means he’s being nicer to Shadow too, which is good as she can’t cope when he’s not. Mum says that if he is still improving later in the week she will book for him to go swimming again. He needs it, so that would be good too.

Dad is back in Switzerland

Dad got back to Switzerland yesterday and now has a busy time ahead packing everything up for it to come back to England. We don’t really have anywhere to put it all, so I’ve no idea what will happen. Mind you, there’s another lovely big comfy dog bed so I’ll be pleased to see that – I just need to decide where to put it. Dad asked why I needed it as I can only sleep in one bed at once. I simply asked why he needed to bring his clothes back on that basis. He hasn’t said anymore.



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