Despairing of humans – Wednesday 16th November 2022

Despairing of humans

Yesterday I was mostly despairing of humans. Now, I’m not saying I don’t like a little variety in my diet, I do. However, if I have to face the same food day in, day out, without any change then I will be just as happy to see it as I would any other meal. Oh I’ll beg for steak – actually I’ll do pretty much anything for steak, but that’s not the point. What we dogs would not do is get up before 6am just to join a queue of people waiting to book a delivery slot for food in the days before Christmas.

You can imagine the reaction at finding Mum was in position 112,733 in the queue. It’s all well and good telling you that your wait time is more than an hour, but what it doesn’t say is what happens if your computer or phone go into hibernation while you wait.

Downhill from there

The day went downhill from there really. After and hour and three quarters the shopping slot was booked but the heavens had opened. Wow, can it rain when it really tries? Apart from quick toilet stops (and the odd apple) we dogs were happy to stay indoors. Mum had towels ready for all of us when we came in, including herself. Her problem was that there were men pruning a tree and they kept wanting her to go out and look to make sure she was happy with the work.

Our problem was that Shadow was getting distressed about the men, about Mum going outside, about the weather and was pacing and panting leaving Mum quite concerned. Tickle’s Mum very kindly wrote to us with some helpful suggestions so I’ve found my herbal calmer from the cupboard and offered it to Shadow to try.

As if that wasn’t enough

Then when Mum went to collect some more medication for Shadow from the vet, she tripped over some raised paving and went headlong. She came home with some bruises and a very bloody knee. Shadow couldn’t understand why Mum didn’t want her to lick it better and preferred to wash it.

We were all glad to go to bed by the end of the day.