Herbal Calmers – Thursday 17th November 2022

Herbal calmers

I have given Shadow my herbal calmers. After she spent much of the night pacing and panting and I kept thinking she needed to go out, Mum said we really needed to try them. I had to go to sleep in my crate out of the way as I kept barking at Mum to get up to take Shadow out. Four times in a night when Shadow wasn’t saying that at all was all a bit much. We’re all hoping they work for her, but they can take a little while to take full effect. Shadow’s behaviour is rather dominating the house right now, which is hard for the rest of us. Mum says it’s reminding her of the final months of Alfie’s life, which was hard too.

Christmas decorations

Mum says the weather is forecast to be fine on Saturday. She wants all paws on deck to help putting up the Christmas decorations. To be fair it’s more a case of us not getting under her feet while she puts the outdoor lights up. At least it will mean a lot of time outdoors, at least for me and Ari. We won’t be allowed to help with the ones in the front garden as there are gaps in the fence, but there are plenty which go up to make the back garden a winter wonderland. At least most of them run off batteries so it won’t lead to a big electricity bill.

Excited about lemons

Ari is excited about his lemons as some of them are almost ripe enough to pick. He wouldn’t let me take a photo as he said he wanted them to be perfect first. He wants to wait another couple of weeks or so. Mum says if they don’t taste too good then we can still use the juice in the shampoo she’s making. She will freeze it and use it when she needs it. Ari was most affronted at the prospect they might not taste wonderful. They certainly look the part.



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