Shadow is sleeping – Friday 18th November 2022

Shadow is sleeping

Shadow is sleeping – lots! Since taking the herbal calmers she has definitely relaxed. She is spending much more time sleeping and much less time pacing. It has to be doing her good. Mum says perhaps we should all be taking them, including her. Hopefully a few nights of not being up quite so much with Shadow will do all of us good and we won’t be quite so fractious.

The other odd thing with Shadow is that she has also suddenly started wanting to come up to the orchard with me and Ari and eat some of the apples. Mum thinks because she’s less stressed that she isn’t so focussed on whether Mum is there all the time and so can have a bit more fun. Our only worry is that on past performance, when Shadow eats apples she’s usually sick afterwards, so we may be up for other reasons.

Christmas has been declared

Yesterday would have been Grandpa’s birthday, so today is the official start of Christmas in our house. Mum said she saw no reason to change the way we’ve done things and the 18th of November is definitely a good day to begin. I didn’t think we were going to start putting the lights up until tomorrow, but the forecast has changed and today looks quite good too. Mum’s aim is to have 1,000 of the lights up by the end of today. It’s good to have an aim!

Getting impatient

I’m getting impatient to start putting together the videos I’ve got planned. Mum says she’s got to work out how to set up the camera to do what needs doing. I might have to wait for Dad to be home to help too, but that still seems like ages away. You know what I’m like when I’ve got an idea. I want to do it and I want to do it NOW!