Not the result he expected – Monday 21st November 2022

Not the result he expected

Well, Aristotle’s attempt at making olive oil is not the result he expected. We aren’t talking about it, as he gets upset. Nor are any of us willing to try the result. To be fair, not many of the olives were full size. He still thought it would be enough to have a go with. The end result is a brown sludgy mess of liquid that Mum says she neither wants to cook with or use in shampoo. We’re waiting for Dad to come home for someone brave enough to try it. I just hope for Aristotle’s sake that the lemons turn out better when he picks those.

To vet or not to vet

Today is the six week point since the vet told Ari to give his eye six weeks to see how it goes. Mum has asked him if he thinks he needs an appointment and although his eye is not completely ok, he thinks it has improved enough not to go back. He has just asked if the next time he does need an appointment could he go back to see the same vet so that she knows his history. It means going to a different location to normal, but Mum says that’s fine.

Walking with friends

Mum has arranged another date for me to go walking with my friends. I can’t wait. I’ve already heard from some of them to say they can come, even though we do have to wait until January. It’s a shame Dad won’t be able to come, but Mum says we can have another one just as soon as he is back and free to join us. I need to come up with more ideas of places we can go, but that will be fun to do too. I’ve already had some thoughts about that.



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