Love on demand – Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Love on demand

It seems to be my job to provide love on demand. There I was, snoring to my heart’s content. I was lying on my back with my legs in the air, which is my favourite position to sleep. Shadow had got into bed next to me and I didn’t even mind that. Then all of a sudden Mum was calling my name. Now, if you hear your name being called at two o’ clock in the morning you wake up pretty quickly assuming it’s important. I cocked my ears and heard Mum calling me again from her bed. At that point, I leapt out of bed and in one flying movement landed by her side ready to fight off the foe or deal with whatever gremlins were attacking.


It turned out that Mum couldn’t sleep and simply fancied a cuddle with her beloved dog. That’s me in case you hadn’t worked it out. I was a little miffed, as I had been extraordinarily comfortable, but it’s my job. Besides, I’m never one to turn down the offer of a cuddle, so I simply got into bed with Mum and snuggled down under the covers.

The annoying part was that when I did go back to my own bed, Shadow had rather taken over and it was difficult to get in and certainly impossible to be spread eagled right across.

Preparing for the ducks

We haven’t seen the ducks on the pond for ages. Through the summer the reeds grow making it hard for them to have a good swim. At this time of year they are all cut and cleared and there is suddenly space available. I’m taking up position as chief duck watcher to let everyone know if they decide to come back. We’re all really hoping they do.



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