Shadow collapsed – Saturday 26th November 2022

Shadow collapsed

Shadow collapsed again yesterday. She’s ok, but a bit shaken up by it. That’s the first time it’s happened since January and Mum thought the problem had stabilised. It was early yesterday morning when she went out to the toilet. She stumbled on the way out, but nothing much. Then as she was finishing peeing she just keeled over on her side. Mum says it’s strange, she would expect a fainting dog to go straight down, but that’s not what happens. One second she is standing and the next she’s hit the ground flat on her side and unconscious.

She regained consciousness quickly and the weird thing is her eyes are open when she’s unconscious. She didn’t move for ages when she’d come round and seemed to have no idea where she was. Eventually Mum picked her up to carry her back inside and Shadow frantically kicked her legs which actually seemed to help. Mum put her down and she was able to walk, but then simply pooed all the way back to the house as she walked, completely clueless.

Mum is glad she has a vet visit planned for next week for a check up as she can talk it through then.

Shadow’s brother

On a brighter note, we heard from Rocky, Shadow’s brother. He’s been ill but thankfully has recovered and is enjoying his old age. He’s in Portugal at the moment and enjoying some sunshine. I think he’s probably got the right idea.

My day

I feel almost guilty saying what a lovely day I had by contrast. We had a lovely walk in the sunshine at Oakley Wood and it really blew the cobwebs away. Then I came home and helped Mum gardening. Shadow stayed indoors as Mum didn’t want to risk her eating any apples in case that is what has upset her system. Ari watched as Mum and I planted two of the cherry bushes for him. When I say watched, he said he was supervising. As long as the weather is good we will get the last of the bushes in today, then there are two roses to plant.