Frustrated Cattle Herder – Sunday 27th November 2022

Frustrated Cattle Herder

Yesterday I was mostly being a frustrated cattle herder. You know what it’s like when you really feel like working. There I was wanting to herd everybody and everything we met on our walk. There was Mum repeatedly explaining to me that it was not appropriate behaviour. At one point she even said she should get me some cows of my own, which really perked me up, until I realised she wasn’t serious.

I don’t have these urges every time we go out. I can be very good, but every so often I just feel the need to herd. Other than that it was a lovely walk, although Mum complained about the cold wind.

Shadow is stable

Shadow seems to be stable. She had another quiet day yesterday but said she did feel much better than the day before. Mum is being awfully strict with her and isn’t allowing her out with us to eat any apples. I guess it’s for the best. I was less convinced when Mum spent some more time clearing up the fallen apples. Then I tried the old ‘but the birds need them’ routine. Sadly Mum was one paw ahead of me on that one and is simply moving them to the bird table in the front garden where the birds can have them, but we can’t.

Cherry Bushes

The four cherry bushes are in. Uncle Aristotle and I got Mum to help us finish the job yesterday morning. They don’t look much and Mum did put one in the wrong place which Ari was not best pleased about. He barked that he’d shown her where to dig the hole. She said she didn’t think it would do it any good to be dug up again and moved and he’d have to make do. He’s worried it hasn’t got enough space to grow to full size. I may not have helped when I said getting them to grow from the twigs they are now would be a good start.



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