Pied Piper – Monday 28th November 2022

Pied Piper

Some days I seem to be the Pied Piper of dogs. Yesterday was one such day. I have no idea why it happens, but I say hello to the dogs I meet and then they all start to follow me. It doesn’t happen every day, but on the days it does it’s really quite amusing. Mum says I have that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ but frankly given her inability to learn languages she may mean something else altogether.

Yesterday we left a trail of frustrated dog owners in our wake, as I merrily trotted along with my head held high and my tail in the air, while a random selection of dogs followed on behind. I rather like it.

The roses are in

We had a bit of a disagreement over the planting of the two new climbing roses. What can Mum expect? If she is going to add bone meal to help the roots to grow, she can’t be too surprised when she has two enthusiastic dogs, who are supposed to be helping, but who actually want to dig the roses back up to get to the bone meal. Boy, were we in trouble. Ari sulked saying they were his roses and he could do as he liked with them. Mum said if that was the case they would be coming out of his pocket money. He backtracked then.

The week ahead

The good news is that the week ahead is going to be dry. Although, that will spoil Aristotle’s science experiment. He’s left some apples in the wheel barrow to see if it rains enough for them to float over the top or if there will be enough evaporation to stop it happening. It was looking good for them to float over the top in the next day or two if it carried on raining, but sadly now he will simply have to accept defeat.



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