Christmas Tree – Saturday 3rd December 2022

Ari meets Santa

Christmas tree

There’s a Christmas tree in our hall. Mum still has to finish decorating it, but she has at least been to get it and brought it home. In keeping with the outside of the house, it does have it’s lights on and there is a star on the top. I asked for my annual Christmas photo, but it isn’t ready. That will hopefully happen soon. Mum has said it is conditional on me being prepared to wear my Santa hat. I’ve never been very keen on hats. Ari doesn’t mind and sits there like the lazy dog he can be. For my part I think hats are overrated.

I dug through the archives to find a few of the pictures of us all doing Christmas over the years. I could do a sort of 12 days of Christmas or more. I’ll start with when Ari was a puppy in 2011

Packing the house

Meanwhile Dad is supposed to be packing up the things in the house in Switzerland this weekend, so that they are ready to be brought home by the removers. I’ve checked that my things are on the list and all seems well. However, there is just one small problem. The wrong boxes were delivered to the wrong place – Dad doesn’t have the boxes he needs to do the packing. It will make it all rather more of a challenge for him. He’s going out with some of my Swiss friends and family for the day instead on an Entlebucher meeting. I’m really rather jealous. My sister Valeria will be going and I shall look forward to seeing her pictures.

Mama Susi

I really do wish I was in Switzerland as Mama Susi, my birth mother, is not well and I’d like to see her. Please send healing thoughts to her and we all hope she’ll get well very soon. She is already fourteen years old, so she’s very old. If you’re reading this Mama, I’m sending all my love and thinking of you.



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