Odd days – Thursday 8th December 2022

Odd days

There are odd days and then there’s yesterday. Yesterday was a very odd day. Mum was starting to notice a pattern to her day. She would wake up feeling ok, but then after a relatively short time she’d start to feel quite unwell. To be honest we were all getting pretty fed up with it. A couple of days ago Mum tried to analyse the pattern. If she didn’t put the heating on she had a better day, so she investigated further and only low level, but she thought she could smell boiler fumes.

Yesterday Mum did a test

Yesterday Mum did a test. She closed up the room with the boiler and let it run and then went in and sniffed. She was convinced, so quickly opened the window and turned the fan on. Then she called the boiler engineer. Well, it turns out she was right and there were fumes escaping from the boiler. Too low a level to set off an alarm, but enough to contribute to being unwell over a period of time. Until it can be repaired (they need parts), we need a window open when it’s on and Mum doesn’t want it on very much. We’re going to have to cuddle together.

Then it got odder

Then the day got odder. Mum was feeling much brighter so promised we’d go to the racecourse as long as I didn’t mind going with her to the charity shop afterwards. Of course I agreed. She got us ready and put me in the car. Then she loaded the boxes for the charity shop. Unfortunately, it was only then that she found out that the car wouldn’t start. Not only did I not go to the racecourse, but as we had to wait in for the breakdown people we didn’t go anywhere. We just unloaded the car and went back inside to wait.

It really was an odd day.

Christmas 2016

Anyway, let’s cheer ourselves up with pictures from Christmas 2016.



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