Not the plan – Sunday 11th December 2022

Not the plan

Well that was not the plan. It all felt a little like groundhog day. Load the car, this time with everything needed for our day out. Put dogs in the car, this time two of us. Start the car – or not! Because it ran all right once the battery recharged the other day, Mum assumed, wrongly as it turns out, that everything was fine. It wasn’t. Unload the dogs. Unload everything needed for the day. Waste time trying to get someone to change the battery on the drive – not easy on a cold day when other breakdowns are high.

Eventually Mum found that if she could get it to a garage they could sort it immediately. She found the battery charger and crossed her fingers.

Unfortunately by the time the car was able to start and Mum had been to the garage, all the time available for our trip had gone. However, the good news is that Mum says we can go today instead. We’re just all hoping that car works now.

Poor squirrel

It was not the plan for the poor squirrel either. Yesterday there was an ‘incident’ in our village. We were outside with Mum doing some gardening as we couldn’t go out. There was a loud bang. Mum said it was louder than a shotgun and more like a cannon firing, but as I haven’t heard either I can’t comment. All I know is that all the birds took to the air and Ari and I ran straight to the back door thinking something awful was about to happen.

Sadly, it turned out something awful had already happened. A squirrel had chewed through an important mains electricity cable and had electrocuted itself. In the process it had taken out the power to most of our village. We were some of the lucky ones who still had power. The poor squirrel was rather less fortunate.

Tractor Run

At least the end of the day was better. The annual tractor run, with Santa going through the village with a tractor parade, and lots and lots of tractors all decorated with Christmas lights took place. Mum loves it. She went up to the village to see it setting off and was then able to stand outside our house to watch it coming past later. They raise money for Warwick District FoodBank and in the process are providing a great part of Mum’s Christmas. Thank you to all the lovely tractor drivers who take part. They drive around Warwick today too.

Christmas 2019

Now we’re up to Christmas 2019. That is so recent I can still remember some of what happened. That was the year that my last trip to Switzerland was spoiled by Mum breaking her ankle when we were on the way there.



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