Meeting a cousin – Monday 19th December 2022

meeting a cousin

Yesterday’s walk at the racecourse involved meeting a cousin – a distant one, but a relative nonetheless. It was a Bernese Mountain Dog and I was smitten. He was gorgeous. It was so funny talking to him as his humans had no idea that we smaller cousins existed. ‘Oh look’ they said ‘similar markings’. Well, I gently explained that there was a good reason for that. I also demonstrated how much more lively we are, how loud we can be and how bored we can get when made to wait while humans keep on talking.

On that last point I would just like to explain that it was 2 degrees centigrade and raining. Who wants to stand still in that weather? We did move off eventually and it was certainly fun to meet them all.

The return of the garden

With the weather having warmed up and the rain, we can see parts of the garden that have been hidden under snow and frost. To me that means rediscovering the apples I’d missed. To Mum it means being able to find all the little presents of dog poo that Ari and I have left around the garden. One of us is happier about our discoveries than the other one!

On the downside, it is now forecast to rain for most of the week so any hope of a week in the garden getting jobs done is unlikely.

Christmas 2022

Here are some photos from Christmas 2022. I was going to include pictures of our lights, but they really haven’t come out very well. Mum says she’ll be putting new batteries in later this week and will try again then.

Meanwhile we’ve been watching the world cup with Dad. Ari asked Dad to help him onto the settee so they could watch it together. We’re both loving having Dad here all the time.



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