A Christmas Message from Wilma – Sunday 25th December 2022

A Christmas Message from Wilma

Here on this special day is my Christmas Message from Wilma.

This year has been a year of great losses for very many of us, but it is important to remember the legacy those we’ve loved have left behind and to celebrate all that they have given us. I know King Charles will talk about the legacy left by his own mother later today, but I want to focus on the legacy left by my great canine companion Shadow. It is not just nations who have figureheads. Our breed in the UK had two founder dogs, who between them were mother to 38 puppies, some of whom have gone on to have puppies of their own. Shadow was mother of 22 and fulfilled her important role in the breed despite her own difficulties in some of those pregnancies.

Learning from Shadow

This Christmas along with some of our human number, we’re missing Shadow in this household. I want to share with you some of the things I learnt from her over the years.

  • Care for others – Shadow was the most caring dog and would check on the health and wellbeing of every one of her pack, both human and canine. If any of us needed an extra lick she would be there in the blink of an eye.
  • Show your happiness – When Shadow was happy she showed it with every inch of her being. She didn’t just wag her tail, she wagged from the tip of her nose right along her whole body. Her happiness was infectious and made everyone smile.
  • Recognise your strengths – and your weaknesses! – Shadow knew that none of us could beat her to the ball in a game of fetch and she excelled, but she wasn’t a natural leader. Being head of our pack was something she had to do as neither Alfie nor Ari had a clue in that department. However, she found it hard. When I arrived she didn’t fight her corner, but with a magnanimity you rarely see, she stood aside so that I could take over.
  • She was a true friend – There was no better friend than Shadow. She gave without expecting anything in return. She loved unconditionally.
  • Be stoical though your own difficulties. – Maybe she should have made more of the times she was struggling, but Shadow was never one to complain. However hard she found it, she would pick herself up and get on with the day, always trying to make the best of things.

My wish for you

May you and yours have a happy, healthy Christmas, filled with all the best things in life. May you have the strength to deal with life’s difficulties and know that there are others who will support you when you need it.

Love and licks to you all



  1. Hello Wilma,thank you for your lovely message. Lots of good advice and things to think about in these difficult times.
    We send you Christmas wishes and hope you all have a lovely time. We have lots of preparations to do today as all the family are coming tomorrow. We will be out dog walking too. Lots of love to you all Dottie X, Sheila XXX and Mark

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