Lemon harvest – Wednesday 28th December 2022

Lemon Harvest

Half of our lemon harvest has taken place. I don’t mind admitting that Aristotle seems to have done quite a good job of the lemons so far. However, the other half are still ripening and he does seem to have a fly problem going on at the moment. He got Mum to help him spray Eucalyptus around their pots and he’s waiting for some neem oil to arrive to spray the actual plants. It does rather feel as though winter could be a long season trying to nurse the lemons through until they can go back outdoors.

So as not to waste any of our homegrown lemons at all, Mum has squeezed the juice and frozen it in cubes, ready to use. She’s also frozen the rind so she can make it into candied peel or jam. I don’t think we’ll get to eat any of it, but I guess she will.


I don’t like to talk about Ari’s little problems too much, but the end of the apple supply has had an unexpected difficulty for Ari. He’s feeling a little constipated. Fortunately, Mum has a whole fridge full of apples that she’d kept for Dad. Much to my annoyance, Ari is being given extra apples to help sort his tummy out again. He’s very happy with the arrangement, but Mum has said it is just to get everything working again and she will be weaning him off them. He isn’t overweight, so it’s all right for him. I on the other paw, just have to sit and watch.

Quiet Day

Yesterday was a very quiet day. Mum and Dad didn’t go shopping in the end, which pleased Mum. She said she needed some quiet recovery time, so had a lazy day with us instead. Today Mum says life has to start returning to normal, which is a shame from my point of view. I like it when my humans don’t try to work.



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