Unexpected mud – Thursday 29th December 2022

Unexpected mud

Oh happy day, my walk involved a lot of unexpected mud. Our lovely woodland walk is normally fairly dry, but not yesterday. I don’t know quite how it has got all muddy all of a sudden, but it was wonderful and I got absolutely filthy.

It made up for the journey there. You would think if you’ve only got to go a mile on the motorway you would be ready to get off at your junction. No. Mum was far too busy talking to Dad and sailed straight past. That wouldn’t be too much of a problem normally, but it happens to be a very long way to the next point you can get off the motorway to turn around. Not only that but there were traffic jams. It should only take us thirteen minutes to get to the woods. It took about forty. Mum has promised to pay more attention in future.

That old chestnut

Mum is back to the old chestnut of ‘What new year’s resolutions are you planning to make, Wilma?’ My response of ‘to eat more apples’ was not considered acceptable and I’ve been sent away to think about what I want to achieve this year. I just want to be happy and I don’t think there is anything much more than that I want out of life. I could give Mum a list of the usuals ‘lose weight, blah blah blah’ but the problem is that there is no point making resolutions I have no intention of keeping. Oh I do want to lose weight, I’m just not very good at putting any effort in to achieving it.

I’m going to sit down with Ari later and see what we can come up with to keep Mum happy. It’s easier for him as all he has to do is tell her the things he wants to achieve in the garden and she’ll be happy. I guess I have to try.