Dog Friendly Accommodation Map

Here is our Dog Friendly Accommodation map. We only cover Europe at present, but you travelling dogs can always help us to put that right. On the map, you can find details of all the hotels to which we’ve given Bone Ratings and then their details are on the pages which follow. All accommodation is assessed from a dog’s point of view and considered for real usability for a dog. It will not tell you the comfiest bed for a human, but it will tell you if there is room for your dog bed without being trodden on.

Zoom In

You can zoom in on the map to find the exact locations or use the pages which follow if you are looking in a general area. We all love a good hotel. We especially like hotels that remember we are as important as our humans and which don’t overcharge for our stay. It is very important that dogs, their humans and their children, all behave. Don’t give hotels justification to overcharge for our presence. You dogs are ambassadors for all of us. It’s important that we don’t give hotels and excuse to exclude us.

What do we look for?

A dog needs to know that a room is big enough for our bed as well as their human’s bed. And for us not to be trodden on! We need to know that there is somewhere for our bowl. We want to know that when you clean up after us that there is somewhere for you to bin the bag. Of course, we are even more interested in things such as whether there is somewhere for us to exercise that will be to our liking. Can we eat meals with you? A hotel which gives us a treat is high up on our list. We also like when we have our own towel. Basically, we want the best things in life. From arrival to departure, we want to be special.

Send your Reports

We welcome receiving reports following your visits. We would like to keep the hotels we already cover up to date as well as adding to our list. You can tell from the map that there are some routes we are very familiar with, so do help us fill in the gaps in our travel.

We try to tell you about hotels which go the extra ball throw to make it a perfect stay. For a hotel to be awarded 6 bones it needs to be the best – good enough for our discerning correspondent Cinders to stay in. Cinders likes nothing but the best – it’s all in the name!

Anyway, happy travelling and tell us all about the places you visit. We hope you find this map and our information helpful.

Why not start with a visit to my Swiss homeland? Here are a few suggestions. You can find lots about the country HERE

Wilma on a tree stump in one of her favourite places in Switzerland - find Dog Friendly Accommodation on our map and visit our favourite places.