Dog Friendly Hotels in West Sussex

We will include here Dog Friendly Hotels in West Sussex that our correspondents report on. Giving our usual bone rating, with six being the highest award.

Spread Eagle Hotel and Spa, Midhurst – Rooo it’s Alfie here behind the keyboard. Not the Alfie who usually writes on this blog, but the other Entle Alfie who writes the other blog. I recently took my humans for a weekend getaway to Midhurst. I sniffed out a really old coaching inn called the Spread Eagle where my humans could enjoy a lovely spa day, while I snoozed in bed. Checking into the place I realised it was even better than it looked on their web page. There were no rules about whether dogs could go on the furniture, and I even got my own bathrobe! They had put down a food and water bowl and a dog bed and there was even a pig’s ear and some treats in the bowl which I took immediately before my humans got any ideas. Of course I didn’t sleep in the dog bed but snuggled up in the sofa instead. The hotel restaurant was off limits for dogs, but that didn’t really matter because we went to the hotel pub instead where they also served food for the humans. Then in the morning we went for a lovely walk along the river to the nearby Cowdray ruins. Of course I didn’t care much for the ruins, but there was a big field nearby where I could run off lead and play with lots of other dogs, and the river was pawsome for swimming. All in all this place was pawsome and receives top marks 6 bones from me! *waggy tail* Alfie Entlebucher

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