Dog friendly hotels in Aberdeenshire

We will include here Dog Friendly Hotels in Aberdeenshire that our correspondents report on. Giving our usual bone rating, with six being the highest award.

Cairngorm Lodges – Aboyne . These are self catering lodges, so we can stay with our humans at all times as long as they don’t mind cooking. Bedroom space is limited in some of the cabins. As long as you don’t mind putting your bed in one of the other rooms you’ll be fine. There are wood burning stoves so that might be a deciding factor. But if you like sleeping close to your humans it might be harder.

A water bowl is provided in the lobby near the front door. There are bins for your human to clean up after you and parking is right outside your lodge if you need to sit in the car while your humans unpack. What you’ll really love is being surrounded by woodland and so lots of places to sniff and explore. You also get a Lily’s Kitchen treat left in the kitchen. Although there is a charge of £20 for you, that’s for the whole stay so works out reasonably if you are staying for a while. We give them an outline four bone rating.