We will include here Dog Friendly Hotels in Wales that our correspondents report on. Giving our usual bone rating, with six being the highest award.

Raven’s Retreat – Shepherd’s Huts – Llawrygln, Caersws We love the look of these, but have not had chance to visit. You are surrounded by woodland and for basic accommodation it looks pretty comfortable for all concerned. They have a ‘pet sitting’ service if your human needs to go anywhere without you, but let’s be honest in countryside like this, why would they want to? There is an enclosed garden so you can run around safely as well as safe off lead walking. What’s not to like? We are giving them an outline four and half bone rating. If you get chance to visit, do let us know what you think.

Help us add more hotels

If you have stayed in other dog friendly hotels in Wales and think they should be included, please write in to us so we can include them. Remember, this is about what is best for the discerning dog traveller, not about the facilities for the humans. Even city hotels can make special provision for their dog clientele, with a little grass here and there. They have plenty of guides for those sorts of things.

We especially like those extra touches. The ones that make it a pleasure to stay from an arrival biscuit, to a comfy dog bed. When we get our own menu and can properly eat with our humans life is pretty near perfect – especially if our favourites are on the menu! We’re simple souls at heart, but what dog doesn’t like to spoiled? Oh there are the camping fans, but here we are after the dog who understands a little bit of luxury and can help other dogs in learning where to find it.