Friday 12th January 2018 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

Oh it’s that time of the week again when I get to look back into the archives. I simply love seeing some of what the others did when they were young.
I only got as far as Alfie in 2007 to […]

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Thursday 11th January 2018 – Getting Excited

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If I were six years younger I’d be getting excited. As it is, I’m smiling contentedly and leaving the youngsters to do the bouncing. The hardback proof of our Mistress’s book about our breed arrived yesterday. It looks pretty amazing, […]

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Wednesday 10th January 2018 – Alfie is fine

Well after a stressful wait, Alfie came home in the afternoon and seems to be fine. Our vet couldn’t find any sort of puncture wound, so there is no sign of the abscess being caused by a foreign body of […]

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Tuesday 9th January 2018 – Twiddling our paws

It’s going to be a twiddling paws sort of day, waiting to hear how Alfie has got on. Aristotle is going swimming so that will help take his mind off things, but I’m just sitting at home thinking about him. […]

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Monday 8th January 2018 – Not for the squeamish

If you’re squeamish then look away now! Alfie is feeling a little improved as the abscess burst and that means the swelling has gone down quite a lot and the pressure on his eye has reduced. He says it tasted […]

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Sunday 7th January 2017 – A quiet house

We’re tip-pawing round again as Alfie is ill. The abscess has come back behind his eye and he’s in lots of discomfort. His cheek is quite swollen and his eye is inflamed and has increased pressure. He went to the […]

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Saturday 6th January 2017 – Fitness freaks

I think the emphasis is on the freaks rather than the fitness. I’m not talking about our Mistress, she’s gone into wanting to hibernate mode and I can relate to that. It’s Wilma really. Well not just Wilma, James as […]

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Friday 5th January 2018 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

Welcome to the first flashback of 2018. It seems funny so early in the year to be looking back, but it is always fun to see what happened that I’ve either forgotton or wasn’t here for, so here goes.
Oh this […]

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Thursday 4th January 2018 – False Pretences

You think you’re going to the vet for a biscuit and a bit of sympathy and the next thing you know they are sticking your kennel cough vaccination up your nose and sticking a needle in your leg. There was […]

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Wednesday 3rd January 2017 – Not such a good day for Alfie

Alfie’s enthusiasm for the day went downhill yesterday as he wasn’t very well. Mum nearly didn’t go out as he was sick with quite a bit of blood in it before breakfast. He wasn’t sure about eating when it was […]

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